my journey of learning about SELF-HAPPINESS

What is happiness? Are we truly happy with ourselves, our surroundings, our relationships and our environment. To me, it took a lot of time to learn about what is happiness and I used to think that someone will bring me the happiness but later I know that self-happiness is the root of everything. So, today I want to share some stories about self-happiness  and hope you all can develop and feel happy by ourselves. 


The Princess and The Charming Prince

As many girls, I always dream about one day, a handsome prince will come and rescue me to this “normal life”. A prince that pamper me like a princess, take care of me in everything, and with a sweet smile – he takes my breath away. He will make my life become easier, help me do everything and protect me like in my favorite romantic novel. He will bring me THE HAPPINESS.

However, waiting and waiting but then my prince hasn’t shown up yet. The eager of waiting and happiness gone; the disappointed come after that. Then one day I learned that I need to make myself happiness first instead of depend and waiting for others bringing THE HAPPINESS to me. If I can’t be happy by myself then all the happiness I have now is unstable since this happiness comes from others. 

The nature of the world we live is “impermanent” which means everything will changes, nothing will be the same forever. Some changes are good and some don’t. If I waiting for the prince to come so that I can be happy and he doesn’t show up, or he comes late, then what will happen? Will I be able to be happy without my prince? And this is when I realized the meaning of self-happiness and how vital it is for our lives. 

When I practice this, the relationships I have with people surround me become more healthier since I don’t need to emotionally depend on anyone.  This also the great way to attract people around us, since we can be happy and take care of ourselves independently, find ways to improve to become the version that we want to be. When we happy with ourselves, with our lives then we can attract people that have the same vibes as us.


Self-happiness doesn’t mean we have to isolate ourselves to society. We can be self happiness and enjoy the happiness that come from people or environment around us at the same time. But to me, self-happiness should be the foundation, the root of everything.

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