Phoenix Do – The begin of my story

Like many young women, I fell in love, got married, had kids, and for a while I lost who I was and how to take care of myself. I stopped dressing up and applying makeup frequently. I always wore casual clothing, and I always had my hair pulled up high. I came off as sloppy and worn out. I was angry and hated myself when I looked in the mirror. My breast, tummy, bottom, and laps are all covered in stretchmarks. Unfortunately, I struggled to survive on my own as a single mother who needed to work two jobs to provide for my child and myself; I thought of myself as “lonely, disappointed, depress, dissatisfied, and self-deprecating.”

 Then, I realized that if I’m not treasure and love myself, nobody will. Deep down, I know I’m worth more than that and that I can always change into the person I want to be. So, I started to devote more time to understand my values, learn to appreciate and care for myself more. I wanted to become a Phoenix, who was full of passion and living the remarkable life.

Why BYLYCORIS and Why Sleepwear

Lycoris represents a tearful farewell and leads us through our rebirth. That is the message we want to send to all women: let go of the old ourselves and come back as the person we want to be. In order to share my conviction that women should always feel confident, beautiful, and joyful about themselves, I founded Bylycoris. I want to inspire women to love themselves, strive to be their best selves, improve their appearance, and enjoy life.

‘I’m just staying home, so just put on something random’, ‘I don’t need to be pretty at home’… If you have ever thought like this, we are on the same boat, but that was when I hadn’t realized how my ‘home-mode’ strongly impacts my self-belief, image, energy, and life expectations, sleeping quality, and skin health. Bylycoris’s most important missions are to replace the sloppy outlook, to bring out the wonderful, beautiful, happy, and confident women, and to say goodbye to poor sleep quality caused by cheap and uncomfortable sleepwear. 

Recipe for a happy night

  • A nice sleepwear
  • Your favorite aroma
  • Quite space with light music
  • Light up a candle or your cute bed lamp
  • Smiling and thanking yourself for working hard

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