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we're Bylycoris, a lingerie company based in united states

Bylycoris is an American lingerie and sleepwear company whose purpose is to create high-quality lingerie and sleepwear that will become your best friends on a daily basis as well as on special occasions. We believe that women deserve to be loved, and that we, as women and girls, must be the first one to love ourselves before anyone else does.

Lingerie is more than simply undergarments. With a different set of lingerie on, it will transform you into a whole different person. You still don’t believe us? Let’s try on a fresh pair of lingerie that is completely different from your usual look; you’ll see a new person appear. Bylycoris wishes to convey to our customers the joy, comfort, and confidence that lingerie brings and how it makes your life more colorful.
Our mission is to cherish women and girls’ beauty.¬†

our mission

bring out the goddess

Lingerie is our personality, way of life, and standard of living.

It has a greater impact on our mood and our identities than we previously assumed. Cute, beloved, sensual, and confident – they are all within you but you might haven’t realized.¬†

Bylycoris want to help you explore your fully potential and have new experience in life.

You are much more than what you know.

Exploring your potentials

Life's too short to wear boring lingerie

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